Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Being present

Day light saving started two days ago, and I’m still lagging one hour behind. 
The day felt strange, in the sense that it appeared as though I went to work early, and left early. The sunlight had a golden honey like quality that instantly bathed everything in in promising spring like weather, against a backdrop of menacing black clouds. It drizzled on and off. The wind, however, was ferocious, as it had been for the past three days. Trees thrashed about and plants kowtowed to the ground.

I drove to work without music on, and drove home in silence, fully present. In that one hour in total, the surrounding quietly unfolded-  the verdant green of spring leaves, glimpses of very choppy white waves in the bay, hurrying clouds, sunlight dappled landscape.

I promised myself that I will put the phone away and be fully present with my son when I come home from work- no more posting dinner photos on instagram, then browsing away for minutes on end.

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