Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A sunset overflowing.

Without a doubt the most gorgeous sunset i've seen in Mornington. Unfortunately I was sans camera. Clouds were strands of fairy floss in dark blue and grey, twirling in circles, lit underneath in red, distilling the crimson sky. It was a sunset of rain clouds, they filled the sky as far as the eyes can see. Near and far the rain started falling, instantaneously forming these curtains misty as fog, scarlet as the sun connecting the sky and the sea, magnificent little fragments of auroras.

Cameras were abound. Joggers, beach goers, people having dinner on their balconies- all trying to capture a piece of this magnificence.
The sea was warm after a few 40 plus degree days. I wanted to just jump into the sea but did not. As the sun went down, all the colours bled together into a vast purple expanse, the sky melted into the sea, accentuating silhouettes of the dudes swimming in the water, who, moments before had just jumped out of a hastily parked Kombi van, looking young and carefree just like the guys in those drinks ads.

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