Monday, September 27, 2010

of vicissitudes

never before in my life have i met someone whose mind is so dark, yet the tumultuous relationship we share has taught me more about myself and my world than any others. i made mistakes, i made assumptions, i think in a sunshiny way and expect everyone's baseline mood to be "happy". the world is not necessarily so. i am aware of that. i know there are sad things and troubled mind out there but not those of ppl around me. you're the darkest end of my brightly coloured rainbow, the only sad person of those i know well. you hurt me. i learn.

we are different. happiness can be work but i'm one of those ppl who are generally happy and content. i hope things fall into place, but i know even that if my world falls apart i'll eventually be ok. you are not like that. you are always searching. i don't think getting what you want is going to make you happy, but you don't know that yet.

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