Sunday, March 28, 2010

emeral ash

A balloon-filled weekend. Drove to Steel's creek, through Lilydale, ranches on top of hills, vast green grass, horses and alpacas leisurely stroll on the green, I do slowly begin to realize why some people don't want to live anywhere but the country. One of the many drives i've been on, this one completely different because it was so lush, so green, so provincial.

Out of the black charred tree trunks sprouted the little leaves, all the way through the ground up, joining seamlessly to the carpet of green under feet. Road zigzaged through hills, and the tree pillars seemed to go on endlessly. When the sunlight slanted down late in the afternoon, a magic of light and shade and partially/ back lit tree and leaves was instantly created. Steep drive.

Apollo Bay

felt in love with it, again
...rock pool, picking wild black berries. lunch at sandy feet cafe. a drive up the hills, looking for the look-out but ended up in fog, grey, closing in, encompassing, cold. taking photos with umbrella until chased away by cows.

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