Sunday, February 1, 2009

Of faraway lands

Photos in National Geographic, snippets of life as they are
strange and true. and unpretentious
the faraway lands, the alternate worlds. Crimson
sunset over Sao Paolo, over a sea of bobbing heads of workers
heading home. End of day. Narrow streets.
In Tokyo bay, homeless people in neat
sleeping quarters on the street, belongings fastidiously laid out
in carton boxes.

On the train, into cool evening, the day after the heat wave
conversation overheard
a man talked about his adventures. tall, slim, tattoos on arm, charm on neck
melbourne, queensland, then chef on a ship around the world
then back to melbourne. he got off at Heidelberg, as swiftly as when he got on
sometimes I just want to be like that. I want to have nothing much,
to own nothing much
be rich only in inner transformations, after seeing things, after contemplating things.
to see
one journey begin, and others

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