Tuesday, March 25, 2008


One: Along the cobbled street I ran, chasing a silhouette, feet soaked as I stepped onto puddles glistening with silver moonlight. It was, and still is, a dream that haunts. Fast forward ten years, I saw that illusory silhouette in life. Midnight, empty platform, drenched in yellow street light.

Two Idea for a story- Girl lives in an abandoned house, a lone structure on a horizon that has any resemblance of civilisation. Around her- boundless green meadows, where wild horses roam, horses with windswept silver manes that she imagines to be unicorns. At night she lies, dreaming of the soothing sounds of the ocean and examines the the frayed connections with those she loves.

Three: I think I think too much

Four: To me silence is palpable. It hangs in the air and slowly entombs my world in a zip lock bag. I either drown it out with my iPod or let it coalesce, condense and ripen- the joy of experiencing which is akin to watching vietnamese coffee seeping through a filter.

Five: After speaking to someone today, I feel calm. Speaking to this person has always made me feel calm. And I'm thankful for that.

Six: I hang out with a group just because I like one person in the group. And I feel guilty.

Seven: How many times do I make the same mistake.

Eight: i saw this photo today it's so fucking beautiful it makes me wanna cry.

I'm often intrigued at the fact that one can speak their mind so candidly without any inhibitions with song lyrics. '...I should go and this should end/...Cos she will love you more than I could/ She who dares to stand where I stood' (Where I stood by Missy Higgins)

Ten: I want to start my life anew. And I need to make sure this is not just thoughts.

Eleven: I wonder what will become of facebook 2 or 3 years from now.

Twelve: I stumbled upon a blog, and read a beautifully eloquent story written by this guy. It made my heart melt.

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