Friday, February 15, 2008

Tavern on Rathdowne

Drove to uni and back home. Stuck in traffic, stopping at almost every set of lights, wishing I had my camera with me. Shady boulevards with tall lush almost identical trees perfectly aligned. Red paint blotched pink by the weather peeling off that tavern on Rathdowne. The beauty of perfection and the beauty of imperfection. Couldn't help wondering about the owner of the tavern, he/she who embraces a beauty not easily recognised in letting that building be whatever time and weather dictate.
Stumbled upon websites I used to read. I've done different things recently. I've somehow changed, consciously or subconsciously. I feel like a frog looking out of the small well into a round piece of sky, while the whole sky and the beautiful world lie just a few steps away, quietly await.

Primary school friends, high school friends, 'friends' I cared a lot about last year- they were important for a while. And as time goes on, I make new friends, old friends fade into insignificant and frankly I couldn't care less... I wonder what will become of the friends I have now?

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  1. I do like wires, and patterns. I think the wires at Fed square are better than the structure, it's ugly.