Thursday, December 13, 2007

Apollo Bay

Saturday night
Austrian backpackers- school leavers- in their Saturday night outfit, wearing cute Mary Janes hit the town. German woman arrived, the spare bed in the room is then occupied. Listened to music and spoke to T. in my bed. Went outside to look at the stars. A bunch of Israeli guys had just arrived, sitting on the veranda drinking beer. Said hi. Friendly bunch.
A whole sky filled with stars. I think my eyesight is failing, stars were blurry to me. Found the Southern cross, just near the south horizon. And the Carina constellation as well. Cold night. I shivered in my knee-length shorts.

Woke up and light through the curtains was very tender. Clean linen and somewhat damp dusty pillow overall smelled strangely pleasant. The sounds of the wave crashing were more deep and soothing than anything I've known. German conversations going on in the kitchen. First time I've woken up to this. The German spoken by the Austrians sounds strangely pleasant, almost musical.
Walked along the surf beach. Cloudy day. Mesmerized. The sea took on a different shade of blue. Arms flailing to chase away stubborn flies. Then it rained a bit. Saw a seal on the beach.

Walked around, with heavy bags on shoulders. No footpath on most streets, instead lush green lawns spill onto the roads. Greenest town I've ever been to, maybe they have more rain. Houses with a relaxed holiday feel. Nearly all lawns were freshly cut. Flowers- of all sizes, shapes and colours fill the garden beds, bringing even the dullest house alive. The little town is a beauty brought upon by a combination of the houses, their lawns and gardens, and the green hills in the background. Saw this cute little toddler, in yellow overall raincoat, chubby round face, pink cheeks. The way he/she walks was adorable.

Trip back- sat next to window. Sky was cloudy. Cavalcades of clouds rambling by- I saw whales, I saw fishes, moving at a speed not to fast but quick enough to make them appear menacing. The Great ocean road- (ends at Anglesea?) was a dream. As the coach made its way along the zigzag treacherous road, the sea seemed just right next to me, separated only by the window. I reclined my seat. Surrounded by an ocean of blue. Craddled by an ocean of blue. Not just blue, but a multitudes of hue and shades of blue, emerald, cyan, prussian blue, and navy blue; colours seemed to alter every second, as the wind moved the cloud, the sun resurfaced or submerged in clouds, giving the sky the resultant glow.

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