Monday, October 22, 2007


on the train
i sit by the window
people are talking, reading, having ears glued to their iPods
or daydreaming between the stops
i'm not thinking, not feeling any emotion
i'm just being in my surroundings

i see a tiny stream run where a river used to be
finding its way through the red earth
yet unburdened by things
i see people hiding their eyes behind sunglasses
i see sunlight retreating as the day ends
i see the seasons change. the way friends do. the way lovers do.

i don't want to know where you go on from now
i don't want to know what your visions for the future are, or your hopes, your ambitions
i'll remember you talking, smiling, being who you are
i'll remember the conversations. the laughs. the aroma of coffee beans roasted to perfection

thank you for listening. responding. receiving

but most of all, thank you for making me realize
things don't have to be mine.

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